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The Effect of Marking Speed Limits on the Road Surface on Driver Awareness of Speed Limits and on Driving Speed

Exceeding the speed limitation is one of the major factors involved in accidents' occurrence and the central factor that affects the severity of an accident. Many drivers in Israel (and around the globe as well) tend to exceed the speed limitation. Several evidences point to the fact that substantial portion of the drivers are not aware of the speed limitation of the road they are currently driving in. This unawareness might result from failing to notice the speed limitation sign located at the beginning of the road, or from failing to remember the speed limitation value it showed. The current study tests a new suggestion that might increase the drivers' awareness to the speed limitation - marking the digits of the speed limits on the road surface, either with white color or with black, red and white (similar to the common speed limitation road sign). We assume that marking the speed limitation on a central location of the road surface, which is generally the most attended area while driving, would result in more compliance with the speed limit. The study will be conducted in a driving simulator setting.