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Man-Machine (Human-Machine) Interface

In the Man-Machine Interface Lab, studies are conducted to improve user interface design in order to acheive ideal human performance in various domains, and particularly in computer and display usage. Unique exclusive equipment, such as the MLD display was purchased or developed for this Lab.


Research projects:

The Efficiency of MLD-Multi Layer Display in Tactical Displays

Multi-Dimensional Visualization

Exploring the Efficiency of Different Kinds of Zoom Tools in Tracking Task

The Effects of the Reliability of an Automatic Target Recognition System on Image Analyst Performance

An Examination of SAR Image Interpretation Aids: Magnification and an Information Window

Encoding and Displaying ATR Designations in SAR Images

The Effects of Time Limitations on Target Identification

Eye-movements Analysis of Observers - A Comparative and Longitudinal Research

Use of the Informational Difference as a Target Conspicuity Measure

Comparing Performance with Two Methods of Text Input with a Handheld Keypad: Four-Way versus Multi-Press

The Best Shift Duration


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