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Visual Functions

As part of our research activity in collaboration with local and international partners and the development of the Ergonomics and Human Factors Unit, we established an additional Lab that focuses on mapping the state of participants' visual systems. The studies conducted in this Lab deal with issues such as visual fatigue, visual fatigue in stereoscopic vision, and more.


The Lab is wquipped with several devices:

Slit Lamp - a comprehensive eye examination device (for ophthalmologist use).

Grand Seiko WAM 5500 Autorefractor - accommodation, conversion, and pupil-size testing device.

Titmus I400 - visual acuity testing device.

All data are tested in real time and on an ongoing basis, ensuring the highest standards of research.


Research projects:

Visual Fatigue and Video Display Terminals

Testing a Method to Attenuate Visual Fatigue Stemming from Use of Stereoscopic Displays

A Study of Human Stereoscopic Eye-Movements to Provide Data for Stereo Computer Vision Models


AutoRefractor   Titmus