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An Examination of SAR Image Interpretation Aids: Magnification and an Information Window

This study examined the image interpretation performance of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery analysts on images that contained Assisted Target Recognition (ATR) designations. The purposes of the study were: 1) to compare analysts' performance using one of two magnification methods - a moving magnifier (simulated magnifying glass) and  a magnification window at the side at the display; 2) to examine the benefit of adding an information window on the side of the display which includes an optical image, SAR image, and sketches of the vehicles used in the study. These two objectives were combined when designinig the two parts of this study. In the first part, 25 analysts interpreted 72 images, and in the second part, the eye-movements of nine analysts were monitored as they carried out the same task. The results indicated that neither of the variables – type of magnification and the information window – influenced the analysts' level of performance. The hit rates and false alarm rates were very similar in all conditions of the experiment: two types of magnification, with or without an information window.

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