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3D Stereoscopic Tactical Displays

The goal of this study was to test whether a 3D stereoscopic display of tactical information would yield better performance in a target detection task, than a 2D standard tactical display. We compared three different displays: 2D standard display, full 3D stereoscopic display, and a partial 3D stereoscopic display. Twenty four participants, of whom 12 were command and control experts and 2 were novices, took part in the experiment. The results indicated an increase in target detection rates for both stereoscopic displays compared with the 2D standard display. The best performance was found using the partial 3D stereoscopic display, which improved the target detection rate by approximately 8%, compared to the full stereoscopic display. No significant differences in search time were found between the various conditions. The subjective questionnaires filled by the participants indicated that the vast majority significantly preferred the stereoscopic displays.